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Tesco May Have Revealed Nintendo NX Release Date and Price

For a brief moment in time, British Tesco may have revealed both the release date and the price of Nintendo's upcoming NX console, but it has since been taken down again - ...

6 hours ago

The R-Handle Looks Weird But Could Be Thé Controller

It can be very relaxing to play games with a controller, but it is also very limiting compared to keyboard and mouse input and while there have been attempts such as the ...

7 hours ago

AMD’s Stock Hits Highest Point in Four Years

AMD's long-term future has been questioned by critics due to ongoing poor financials and the declining market share in both the CPU and GPU segments. This worrying ...

8 hours ago
Forza Horizon 3

Some Users Are Experiencing Performance Issues in Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 has received glowing reviews from various media outlets and is a strong contender for the best game released this year. For the time time, Forza Horizon 3 ...

8 hours ago

ISP Says Internet Usage Is Like Eating Oreos

This is one of these articles that either will make you laugh, cry, or scream in anger - and maybe it will do all three things. In a filing with the FCC last week in ...

9 hours ago

Dell Wants VR Content Creation to Happen in the Cloud

A lot of content creation is already happening in the cloud these days thanks to thin clients and servers packed with high-end GPUs designed just for this kind of ...

10 hours ago

Twitter Sales Rumours Pick Up With Potential New Bidders

We have heard rumours before that the social media giant Twitter could be up for sale, but so far it hasn't been sold to anyone despite previous rumours named large ...

11 hours ago
Cs Go

Twitch Ban for CS:GO Pro Caught “Cheating” While Watching Demos

CS:GO is a competitive first-person-shooter with an extraordinarily high difficulty ceiling. As a result, players need to have excellent skills to become successful and ...

12 hours ago

Google Pixel And Pixel XL Photos Leaked?

We're just days away from the official reveal of the new Google Pixel handsets, but you know what that means, the leaks are coming thick and fast! Leaked images of the ...

13 hours ago

Nintendo 64 Emulator Appears for Download on Xbox One

The Xbox One isn't exactly meant to have emulators, for many obvious reasons such as copyrights held by the manufacturers of other systems, but that hasn't stopped a new ...

14 hours ago

Zoostorm EVOLVE Desktop PC Review

Introduction Here at eTeknix, we endeavour to critique a wide range of systems featuring different component choices which cater to contrasting target ...

14 hours ago

DOTA 2 Tournament Hires Satellite to Stream Event from Cruise Ship

Not all gaming competitions are set on equal stages, and the latest DOTA 2 tournament is the perfect example of this. The Nanyang Cruise Cup will be set out in the ...

22 hours ago

Valve Prepares Devs for Steam Store Facelift

It's time to strip back the Steam we know and love and give it a bit of a refresh. It seems that Valve is already preparing a new update for the Steam Store, and I ...

23 hours ago

Minecraft Boss Update Allows Sharing of Modified Mobs

While Minecraft may seem basic at first sight, the game is anything but. Over the years, the game has become one of the most popular games of all time, mostly due to its ...

1 day ago

Street Fighter V Update Removed for Causing System32 Vulnerability

[caption id="attachment_226302" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Street Fights V Update[/caption] Capcom, what were you thinking!? That's been the question on our minds ...

1 day ago

US Congress Mandates Manned Mars Mission within 25 Years

US Congress has passed a new bill that will see a manned Mars mission launched within the next quarter-of-a-century. The bipartisan bill grants NASA $19.5 billion in ...

1 day ago

Oculus Founder Secretly Funding Pro-Trump Propaganda

Palmer Luckey, founder of VR start-up Oculus, now owned by Facebook, has been secretly funding an unofficial Pro-Donald Trump group famous for its memes and ...

1 day ago

Creator of the Internet Explains How He’d Reinvent it Now

Vinton Cerf – the recognised ‘father’ of the internet – while proud of what he helped create, has outlined how, given the chance of a do-over, he would revise the ...

1 day ago
AMD Financial Analyst 2015 Zen 2

AMD Grey Hawk APUs Set For 2019 Release

Earlier in the year, we first got rumours about a massive AMD CPU. Codenamed Starship, the rumoured chip would feature up to 48 cores on the 7nm FinFET process with the ...

1 day ago
Apple AMD

Apple May Choose AMD APU For MacBook Pro

Last month, reports came out that AMD has scored a major Apple design win. According to the rumours, AMD's new Polaris GPUs had been chosen to power the next ...

1 day ago

Intel Potentially Shelving Iris Pro iGPUs

Since the release of Haswell, Intel has not only had the regular HD integrated graphics, but also the Iris and Iris Pro variants of their iGPUs. By utilizing more ...

1 day ago
spaceX mars engine (1)

SpaceX’s Mars Transport May Go Further According to Elon Musk

For a while now, SpaceX have had their eyes on the red planet, putting a number of their resources towards developing ways to transport both humans and cargo to Mars ...

2 days ago
google self-driving car test

Google Self-Driving Car Gets Into a Crash in Mountain View

  Until earlier this year, Google had managed to boast that none of their test fleet of self-driving cars had been involved in an accident. Unfortunately, on ...

2 days ago

Planet Coaster Will Let Players Crash Coasters Into Guests

Coaster crashes are the darker side of the myriad of theme park management games that have been released over the years, with many players finding enjoyment not just in ...

2 days ago

TRENDnet Showcases AV-Series PoE+ SMB Switches

TRENDnet showcased their latest SMB switches during CEDIA 2016 and the AV series as they are called look like they could be some solid choices - but if you were looking to ...

2 days ago