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halo 5

Halo 5 May Remove Split Screen and LAN Play

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Halo 5 developers, 343 Industries, is making waves with some dramatic changes to the way the Microsoft title will be played. Local co-op ...

21 mins ago
Supreme League of Patriots

Free Game for Batman: Arkham Knight Early Adopters

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit The aptly named, No Bull Intentions indie studio has decided to provide a free copy of their satirical comedic game, The Supreme League of ...

1 hour ago

TOP GUN 2 Will Explore Drone Warfare

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Top Gun 2 has been in development for coming up to 5 whole years now, when the first plans were released Tom Cruise was to play a small role in ...

1 hour ago
AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Faceplate CAD STP

AMD Releases R9 Fury X Faceplate 3D Model

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit AMD looks to have mods in mind with their R9 Fury X graphics card. Many readers may have noticed that the faceplate for the Fury X might be ...

2 hours ago

Synology DiskStation DS715 2-Bay Value NAS Review

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Introduction It has been a while since I had the pleasure to review a Synology NAS which makes it even more of a pleasure to take the brand new ...

2 hours ago
asrock rack

ASRock Rack EPC612D4U-2T8R Micro ATX Motherboard Launched

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit ASRock is mostly known for their consumer products, but they also have a range of server equipment in the ASRock Rack branding. Just that ...

4 hours ago
Mafia 3

Mafia 3 Domain Registrations Indicate Upcoming Announcement

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Take-Two Interactive has secured four Mafia 3 domain names which might suggest an official announcement is on the horizon. Mafia 2 was ...

6 hours ago

Uber Leaders Arrested In France

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Uber has been in the news a lot recently. From having accounts sold on the dark net to being banned in countries due to its drivers behaviors. ...

7 hours ago

EK Water Blocks Introduced EK-XRES MX Reservoir and Pump Combo

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit EK Water Blocks is a top player when it comes to liquid cooling and they prove again that a great liquid cooling setup doesn’t has to be ...

9 hours ago
fibre optic

Engineers Break Capacity Limit for Fibre Optic Communication

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Electrical engineers from the University of California’s Qualcomm Institute have developed a solution to capacity limits inherent in fibre ...

10 hours ago

Rumours Surround Acquisition of AMD by Microsoft

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Word has spread that in an effort to start its own chip design operations Microsoft is planning to buy Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). It appears ...

11 hours ago

Silicon Power Introduced High Capacity Power Banks

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Nothing is worse than having your mobile gadget run out of power while you’re on the go and that is where mobile power banks come into ...

12 hours ago

Facebook Rainbow Flag May Have Been Another Big Experiment

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit It seems that once again, Facebook has made us the focus of another ultra-large-scale social media experience, although technically, ...

12 hours ago

Batman Arkham Knight Mod Adds More Playable Characters

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Batman: Arkham Knight has only been out for a short time and while the PC port has a had a really shaky start that isn’t stopping modders ...

13 hours ago

Google’s Search Practices go Under the Microscope

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Do you find that when you use a search engine that all of the results come from a single source or are favoured from a particular review site? ...

14 hours ago
Nextbook Flexx 10 E Fun

Nextbook Flexx 10 2-in-1 Tablet Announced by E Fun

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Even though laptops are technically portable PCs, some of them aren’t easy to carry around due to their size and weight. Fortunately, ...

15 hours ago
batman arkham knight

Batman: Arkham Knight Beats The Witcher 3 in First-Week Sales

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Batman: Arkham Knight, despite crippling problems upon release, has surpassed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in first-week sales, becoming the ...

16 hours ago
mk predator

Predator DLC Coming to Mortal Kombat in July

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit After taking on Arnie, Danny Glover, and Adrien Brody(?), it seems that the Predator is set to come head-to-head with Johnny Cage and Sonya ...

17 hours ago
Killer Instinct

Iron Galaxy Responsible for Killer Instinct PC Port

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Iron Galaxy, developer of the atrocious Batman: Arkham Knight PC version, have been commissioned to produce Microsoft’s latest love ...

18 hours ago

WD Turns Their Blue Series Into SSHD Drives

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Western Digital has a colourful range of hard drives which is kinda fitting right now with everyone turning their Facebook profile into a ...

19 hours ago

Google Hates Lag as Much as You

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Remember that time you wanted to show someone that awesome picture you took of an ice-cream, but your phone lagged out and it required a hard ...

20 hours ago
Valve Steam

Valve Now Refuses to Compensate Trade Scam Victims

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Valve has just altered their official Scam FAQ policy and will no longer reimburse lost in-game items through fraudulent trading transactions. ...

21 hours ago
wimbledon drone

Drone Seized over Sporting Event Again!

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit As drones are becoming cheaper and more commercially available, owners are getting more experimental with what they could fly over and ...

21 hours ago

Anidees AI-07M Micro-ATX Chassis Review

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit Introduction Aindees may not be the first name you think of when you go shopping for a new chassis, but we’ve seen a few of their ...

22 hours ago

The First Patch for Batman: Arkham Knight Is Here

Share Share Print E-mail Reddit It’s quite clear by now that Batman: Arkham Knight’s PC release was a disaster, but at least Warner Bros and Rocksteady are doing ...

23 hours ago