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gta v modders

Rockstar Changes EULA to Ban GTA V Modders

With a raft of Grand Theft Auto V mods becoming available since the game’s release on PC, Rockstar has taken steps to ensure that such mods don’t impair the online ...

46 mins ago

Nintendo’s Amiibo Characters in Short Supply – Nintendo Vows to Meet Demand

Nintendo have never been the best at ensuring that the supply for their products stays above or relative to the demand – like the shortage of Gamecube controller ...

4 hours ago
The More We Connect The Better It Gets.

Internet.Org, What Is It And Whats Happening? has been in the online news a lot recently, but what is it and why is it in the news? is a scheme created by Facebooks Founder Mark Zuckerberg, the ...

5 hours ago
mortal kombat x jason

Jason Voorhees Arrives in Mortal Kombat X Starting May 5

The creators of Mortal Kombat X released the very first DLC pack for their extremely popular fighting game, and the pack includes a bonus character named Jason ...

7 hours ago

Harvest WiFi Signals to Charge Your Smartphone

The folks at Nikola Labs have been busy creating an amazing piece of kit. On the surface looks like any ordinary protective case, though it packs a punch, wirelessly charging ...

8 hours ago

Microsoft’s High-End Lumia Windows 10 Phone in the Works

Windows Phone fans, Rejoice! It has been reported that Microsoft is working to bring two new High-end Lumia Windows Phone devices. These will be running on Tech Giant’s ...

9 hours ago

EKWB Warns of Combatibility Issues With EVGA’s GTX 980 K|NGP|N Edition

EKWB has come out and warned users that there are compatibility issues between their EK-FC980 GTX Classy KPE full-cover water block and EVGA’s 980 GTX ...

10 hours ago

Black Mesa Mystery Unvieled

Black Mesa as some of you know, is a total remake/ re-imaging of Half-Life using the Valves Source Engine. Following our earlier news coverage, the countdown has now finished ...

11 hours ago

Samsung Caught Shipping Different Camera Modules with Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 is known to have great shooter. It is the first one in long time to challenge Apple’s offering, iPhone 6. An XDA-Dev member, Bananaz has posted a ...

11 hours ago
StarWars Battlefront 1

Star Wars Battlefront Multiplayer Details Revealed

There is still quite some time until EA launches their Starwars Battlefront game developed by DICE and in a recent blog post DICE now revealed the amount of multiplayer ...

12 hours ago
Nvidia_GTX_980 (5)

NVIDIA adds Batman: Arkham Knight to GeForce GTX Bundle

Nvidia is currently bundling keys for the upcoming Witcher 3 game with their GeForce GTX 970 and GeForce GTX 980 cards, but they decided to add one on top of that and give ...

13 hours ago

Combining Night Vision and Thermal Imaging

We are all familiar with night vision and even thermal imaging, the idea of being able to see (with a green hint) in the dark of night and then see people glowing like yellow ...

14 hours ago

CM Storm Release Swift-RX XL Mouse Pad

Not to be confused with the popular pop star Taylor Swift, although CM Storm tell me it’s an easy mistake to make, the new CM Storm Swift-RX XL Mouse Pad is now ...

14 hours ago

Mushkin Expands the REACTOR SSD Series

Mushkin has announced the expansion of their REACTOR SSD line-up in recognition that not every user needs the same amount of storage. The REACTOR SSD was launched as a 1TB ...

15 hours ago

Anti-Gay Tactics Move to Video Games

Warning: This story may contain words and phrases that may distress some readers. Read with caution. When you think of anti-gay protests, you think of religious types standing ...

15 hours ago
MSI board

MSI Releases Eight Motherboards for AMD’s Godavari APU

If you were planning to give AMD’s Godavari APU a try then you’ll be pleased to know that MSI recently released eight brand new FM2+/FM2 socket motherboards. The ...

16 hours ago

Black Mesa Steam Workshop Page Appears

Earlier this week, we brought you news that a mysterious timer had appeared on the Black Mesa website, settings the internet ablaze with rumour and speculation on what could ...

16 hours ago
Intel 5th Gen Broadwell 1

Intel’s 14nm Broadwell Systems Are here but Might Be Shortlived

Intel’s Broadwell generation ran into some trouble last year and as a result of this, the launch got delayed. In return, this means that the new 5th generation Intel ...

17 hours ago

WD RED 2.5-Inch 1TB in Four-Disk RAID Review

Introduction Western Digital launched their WD RED line quite a while ago, and it’s been a successful one. We’ve previously had a look at how the 2.5-inch version ...

18 hours ago

PlayStation Now Soon to Cover More Consoles

Sony’s subscription game streaming service, PlayStation Now, is being introduced to the PlayStation 3 on May 12. The service went into open beta back in September, ...

19 hours ago

CyPhy Set to Take the Air by Storm

Drones, we all want one. We might never actually use it for the intended use, but just to have it sat there for that one-time event where you need to go on a spy mission or ...

20 hours ago

Could FutureMUD Revitalize Text-Based Gaming?

FutureMUD has been something I, personally, have been excited about for years and to hear that the first working demonstration is coming makes me drool in anticipation! ...

21 hours ago

DirectX 12 Adoption Rates Fastest Since DX9

DirectX 12 has seen the fastest adoption rates of any API package since the launch of DirectX 9, a Microsoft developer has revealed. Max McMullen, the Microsoft’s Principal ...

22 hours ago
tesla with elon musk

Tesla Sets Another World Record

Elon Musk must be sitting in his office gleaming with how well his cars are doing; who knew all-electric vehicles were set to change the motoring world as much as they have. ...

23 hours ago

Who’s Listening to Your Communications?

Since the Snowden leaks in mid-2013, governments have been mixed about reviewing and releasing information about their digital monitoring methods. From newspapers accessing ...

24 hours ago